Prepaidgiftbalance – Check your Prepaid Gift Card Account Balance

The Prepaid Gift Cards are similar to gift cards and they are more of a Credit Card. You can easily use them to buy and purchase things from stores. The cards are prepaid, and you can use them when you are running low on cash. Although, the card has a limit.


One of the most crucial things to concern while using card payments at is the security aspect. These gift cards are a great alternative to credit and debit cards. You can get a Prepaid Gift Card by applying to the US Bank National Association and they will issue one for you.

Once you get the card, you can spend according to the limit. And keep track of your transactions at online login portal ofĀ PrepaidGiftBalance.

Check Visa Gift Card Balance

There are two types of Prepaid Giftcard Balance . These are available as Visa and Mastercard. You can choose anyone according to your preference but the features and usage of both the cards are similar. You can check the balance of your Prepaid Gift Card through their official portal. Before that make sure check your prepaidcardstatus online Here are the steps to check the balance on the official website. Once you have been issued a card and started using it, you can easily check the balance of your card.

To check your balance online, you will have to set up an online account.

  1. First, visit their official site from this linkĀ right here.
  2. As this is your first time, you will need to set up an account first.
  3. Enter your card number in the provided field and then click on Enter.
  4. Now, fill up all the details in the required fields and keep on moving forward.
  5. YourĀ Prepaid Gift Card account will be set within a few minutes.
  6. Now, you can return to the home screen and enter the card account number.
  7. Click on Login, you will be redirected to a dashboard and you will be able to see your account balance.

In this way, you can keep track on your purchases and know when to update the balance of your card.

Check Mastercard Gift Card Account Balance

As we have seen, the Prepaid Gift Cards are available from Visa and Mastercard both. Though they are both from different providers, both cards are basically the same. As the US Bank National Association Issues Prepaid Gift Cards, you get to use the same features on both the cards.
The process to check the balance is like the visa card. As you see, you can check your Mastercard Prepaidgiftbalance by following the same steps as explained in the previous section.

Terms and Conditions

Whenever you are using a product, there are some terms and conditions that you must follow to get the full benefits of the product. PrepaidGiftBalance.comĀ cards also have certain terms and Conditions, the following conditions are listed down below.

Once you start using the card, it means that you automatically agree to their terms and conditions.
The US National Bank can change their T&C without any prior notice.

  • You can use the card at any stores in the US which accepts Visa and Mastercardā€™s.
  • The card canā€™t be used at any ATMs and it doesnā€™t have any access to cash.
  • There are no fees that you will earn for using the card. However, if you donā€™t use the card for 12 months straight, then you will have to pay a fee of $2.
  • Internet purchases require you to provide your name and address.
  • You can change the PIN that comes with the card by calling on 888-853-9536.
  • In case you have lost your card, you can contact the helpline to deactivate it.
  • Returns or refunds in case of disputes are subject to the merchantā€™s policies.

There are plenty more T&C for the Prepaid Gift Card. You can check out their Terms and ConditionsĀ here.

PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Card

PrepaidGiftBalance Visa Card is simply a card that the US National Bank is in partnership with Visa. The card has all the similar features as explained in the previous sections. Both the Visa and Mastercard have similar features. We will discuss the features of the Visa Card in details below.
TheĀ Prepaidgiftbalance Visa Card is a gift card that you can use to purchase any things and goods from any merchants in the US.

These cards work only in the US at any stores that accept Visa Credit and Debit Cards.
As this is a prepaid card, there is a limit to how much you can use it to make purchases.
The most common use of theseĀ Prepaidgiftbalance Visa Gift Cards is to make small payments.

PrepaidGiftBalance Mastercard Card

Another version of theĀ Prepaidgiftbalance is the Mastercard version. But the features are like the visa card.
Apart from the features that we have discussed in the previous section, there are some more extra features as well.

TheseĀ cards are not like debit or credit cards and you cannot use them as such.
You can make payments on a lower scale than any debit and credit cards.
It needs a PIN to activate the card and while making purchases.
You can easily check the balance on your card by setting up an online account at their site.


I hope this article is helpful to the readers. For more details, you can simply visit their official website.